Energy Matters

No doubt about it, energy matters. Energy is in the air we breathe. It is in the water we drink. It is in every action, thought, emotion, word, sensation and relationship we have. We are energy.  Kinetic, potential, subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) energy matter.  Through practice and attention, we can become aware of our energy bodies and notice where we flow, where we hold, where we release, where we balance, where we fill, where we deplete, where we force, where we attract, and where we amplify. When we become aware of how we function in our energy bodies, we begin to understand ourselves. And really, is there anything more interesting than ourselves?

ENERGY MATTERS offers non-invasive, natural, painless, and safe methods of hands-on healing. A session offers you the perfect place to relax, enjoy, explore, experience, and learn.

My goal is to ease your body, mind and spirit.  I reassure you, inspire you, and instill confidence in you while assisting you in your own journey of discovery and healing.

Services at ENERGY MATTERS include healing sessions and workshops.

I look forward to bringing health and healing to my clients.
For appointments, please call: 617-510-1414
Call today and let me help you return to optimal health and wellness!

Energy Matters
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